On our own, we strove. Together, we soar. Have six human hackers in a house together, and you have a house of heroes. Watch. More is possible.

Where we are sick, we heal. Where we are weak, we strengthen. Where we are blank, we learn. Where we are bored, we start to play. But we stop not at health, nor strength, nor wisdom, nor fun. We never stop. “Good” is not good enough. We improve ourselves, we improve each other, and when we falter, we improve self-improvement.

Too long have humans huddled in the safe plains of lives that have been lived before. The world of human potential is vast. It pulls us. We stride out with our discovery hats on. The lives they shaped for us were too flat. There are mountains out there, and we aim to climb them.

Technology! Data! Science! Communication! Knowledge! Our tools vibrate ever louder with power undreamt. Let us not challenge ourselves with games and content ourselves with stories of the past. Let us instead wield today’s weapons and together carve out the future we seek, the lives that fit. We explore. We experiment. We fix what is broken. And if something contains us, restrains us, or chains us, we break it. It will be messy–but we will Hack.