The Motivation Hacker

Human hackers! I present to you The Motivation Hacker, a book which I just published on Kindle and Smashwords.

Cover by Chloe Fan

“Moderation in all things,” they say. That may keep a society together, but it’s not the protagonist’s job. Here’s the lead:

I wrote this book in three months while running a startup, launching a hit iPhone app, learning to write 3000 new Chinese words, training to run a four-hour marathon from scratch, learning to skateboard, helping build a successful cognitive testing website, being best man at two weddings, increasing my bench press by 60 lbs, reading 20 books, going skydiving, helping to start the Human Hacker House, learning to throw knives, dropping my 5K time by five minutes, and learning to lucid dream. I did all this while sleeping 8 hours a night, sending 1000 emails, hanging out with 100 people, going on 10 dates, buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, and raising my average happiness from 6.3 to 7.3 / 10. And I wrote this paragraph beforehand–I haven’t edited it since. How did I do all of this? I hacked my motivation.

The Motivation Hacker shows you how to summon extreme amounts of motivation to accomplish anything you can think of. From precommitment to rejection therapy, this is your field guide to getting yourself to want to do everything you always wanted to want to do.

So check it out, let me know what you think, leave a review if you like it or if you don’t, and once you’re done changing your life, see the motivation mission results extras on my website.

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